Ultimate Adventure in South America: Lost City “Ciudad Perdida” – Even older than Machu Picchu

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Things you should know and how to get ready Hidden in Colombia’s vast green jungles lies an enticing secret. A secret unknowingly swallowed up by forest for 1,200 years, speckled with gold, jewels, and human sacrificial sites. Its ruins are 650 years older than Machu Picchu and have only been publicly accessible in the last few decades. Known as the Ciudad Perdida or the Lost City, this ancient site is one of South America’s most remarkably concealed gems.

Bridges and drainage systems allow structures to withstand a world of forces crumble, like torrential rains, which envelops the growth and time itself jungle. Houses, squares, ceremonial areas, paved roads, stairs, canals and deposits are the many structures of the city. A spiral staircase leads to a ceremonial platform in the center of the ruins.

The architectural style of Teyuna is unique. Ceremonial terraces form the center of the lost city. In 1972, bird hunters stumbled over mossy stairs that lead up a steep hill. They broke and made their way along the tracks until they reached the platforms where there had once been houses. Under each house there was a grave. The Indians were buried under their houses along with all their belongings, especially the gold they had. The hunters discovered the treasures of each tomb and became robbers of tombs. Stories of drunk men’s bars telling these anecdotes, they arrived in the city of Santa Marta. And only until 1975, the government intervened this place. Gold is the only metal that has been found in The Lost City, so it remains a mystery how rocks are cut. Reaching these epic ruins is no simple feat. River crossings, steep hills, and tropical heat make the hike there a grueling one. During the Lost City Trek in Colombia, your accommodations will be very rustic, you will sleep in hammocks or bunk beds covered by a waterproof roof. This will be an open and shared space with other guests. The food will be provided by our cooks using fresh ingredients and typical local recipes.

You can choose between the next following options:

Lost City (4 days)

The most adventurous option. It’s perfect for people who have a tight schedule and are in good physical condition. This option includes intense walks and is surrounded by lush nature and the company of the indigenous community members.

If you enjoy adventure and are used to exercising or playing sports, this is a great way to go. (Most popular option)

Lost City (5 days)

An extra day allows for a slower pace and the ability to enjoy nature a bit more along the way. Lost city trek 5 days offers relaxation and fun in the refreshing waters of the waterfalls and natural pools in the area.

Lost City (6 days)

Ideal for people who want to soak in the most amount of nature and want extra time to rest and relax. The physical demands of this option are slower paced than the others, perfect for people unaccustomed to physical activity and seniors.


Please be advised: All that you bring with you, you have to carry it during the whole trekking. That’s why is extremely important that you bring only strictly what is necessary. Be as light as possible.

Here is an important list with all the elements you need and with some specific characteristic that can make your trip more pleasant.

  1. Light Backpack (10L or less is a good size)
  2. Cap to protect your Backpack because can rain
  3. Passport or Personal ID
  4. Cash (Colombian Pesos) No ATM’s or card payment options during the trek. Bring enough cash in case you would like to buy some drinks and snacks during the trek or in case you need help carrying your stuff or helping with a ride)
  5. Personal Care: Toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, antibacterial gel. Shampoo, conditioner, soap travel pack.
  6. Strong Insect Repellent (Nopikex – Colombian product)
  7. Water Bottle (You can buy water, drinks, fruits and snacks during the trek)
  8. Lantern
  9. Hiking shoes.
  10. Light but warm Pajamas, it could be a warm long sleeve sweater and long pants. It is cold during the night time
  11. Sunscreen
  12. Shorts – Moisture wicking, quick dry fabric (2 or one per day)
  13. T-shirts – Moisture wicking, quick dry fabric (one per day)
  14. Outdoor Slippers / Flip flops (These are important to relax in the camp after your daily trekking)
  15. Hat or Cap to protect from the sun during the trek
  16. One Swimsuit
  17. Compact and fast dry Towel
  18. Plastic bags (To keep your wet and dirty clothes separate and to carry your own trash)
  19. Hiking socks: Airflow venting, full cushion leg and foot
  20. One Light long sleeve sweater
  21. Kerchief or Sun Neck to cover your nose (It could be a little dust in some places of the trek)
  22. One Jacket: Lightweight, Water-Resistant, Windbreaker with Hood Rain
  23. Toilet Paper. Some people bring toilet paper, but it can take too much room in your bag, we recommend more
  24. Kleenex Tissues Pocket Packs
  25. Charger for cell phone and rechargeable battery
  26. First Aid Elements: Antidiarrheal, Antiallergic, Analgesic, Whey powder, Band-aid Hydro Seal Blister Heels

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