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Colombia rises from times of conflict to become a tourist destination of great significance. Its enigmatic but majestic landscapes attract thousands of tourists every year. Colombia is a country of hopeful people who stand United. Malicious historical events have only strengthened its people and the beautiful country we call home. You will often find positivity and open arms while traveling throughout this marvelous land.

Memories live forever, our mission is to offer you enjoyable experiences. The Colombian Trip is a place designed for people who are looking to write a new chapter in their lives. A place to have unforgettable experiences and memories that will strengthen their souls and spirits. Experiences with you in mind, personalized according to your tastes, your age, your favorite foods, and your budget. An experience that will let you rediscover yourself and find all the strengths that live within you that it’s time to externalize.


  • Unique Experiences

  • Trip Customization

  • Professional English Guides

  • Conservation of Places

  • Benefits for Local Communities

  • Clear and transparent prices

  • Hundreds of lodging options

  • Local Travel Specialists

  • Detailed information on each of the activities

  • A travel kit that will surprise you


Daily Experiences

Visiting Colombia is possible all year round due to its tropical climate. Every day we receive adventurers in search of new experiences.

Mother Earth

Our commitment is based on caring for and respecting the ecosystems of Mother Earth. Together we must prevail by consciously appreciating her well-being over unbridled and invasive tourism.

Customized Travel Experiences

Unique travel experiences developed especially for each of our clients. We will oversee the detailed care of each itinerary, maximizing the benefit of time, money and energy.

Responsible Tourism

Tourism is a loan from Mother Nature, therefore, we work for its conservation and to benefit all local communities that take care of these places every day.

Clear and transparent prices

Our prices are public and competitive in the market. They are sustainable and fair at the same time for our clients and local communities.

Trip Plans App and Travel Kit

Every detail of your trip will be available through the App Travefy, with which you will have 24-hour access to your itinerary, flights, updates, PDF downloads and messages in real time, in addition, receive a Travel Kit that will make you enjoy your trip before it begins.

Taking care of our customers

Our main mission is to take care of our clients, His or her budget, and to allow them to experience a unique and unforgettable adventure. We are successful when they return with rich and priceless memories along with an ear to ear smile.

Safe Shopping

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